June 19, 2009

beep! beep~..

nothing to say here..huhu..

jez wanted to write sumthin..but dunno wut..i have no ideas as of now..been too busy with clinicals..need a rest..thinking of goin to bali..huhu..i want a PS3..i want a car..

bali, PS3, car, but no money..where to get money? need money..

i need to work..what is work? what do i do? im goin to be a dentist..does dentist get loads of money?

but im not in it for the money..huhu..im goin to be a dentist..to see smiles on people's faces..confident, beautiful, sparkling smile! hehe..then when people are happy, i get money..happy money..money well deserved..huhu..

then i can go to bali, get my own PS3! urmm..by that time maybe a newer version, PS4 maybe..n ofcourse, my very own car! wuhoo!

what laa~ what am i talking about laa~ huhu..

beep! beep~

June 04, 2009

nEw Arsenal FC aWay kit - (ReView)

well, this is the new arsenal fc 2009/2010 season away kit..

first impression:
  • what the heck?? huhu..
second impression:
  • well, maybe they wanted a retro touch to it..they tried to for last season's kit, but it didnt come out that nice..
  • huuuurmm..need to see the players wearing it..
  • looks quite uncomfortable..
  • n why oh why does it have a collar? whyyyyy? hehe..
  • forget about the collar, whyyyyy does it have buttons?? wait a minute..is it buttons or maybe its a design..but still, whyyyyy?? hehe..
neway,dats bout it..basically im quite disappointed with it..

i'll give it a 6/10 for now jez bcoz its blue! my fav color!..yeay~ huhu..

go arsenal! hehe..

June 01, 2009


haha..people! people! sowie! its been quite a while since i last updated my 'blog'..hehe..so, dis is a recap of what ive been doin dis past month..

KKN! @ kuliah kerja nyata! @ community service! hehe..

basically we were sent to rural areas, deemed to devote time there and berbakti to the masyarakat, n this is compulsory in order to grad n so on so on~ sigh!

at first i tot it would be 1 month of tooooot~ (mind my language), paintin houses, cleanin compounds, build sum kind of toilet or sumthing~ BUT! i guess i was wrong..it was an absolute blast of a time! hehe..

cut to the chase, too many things, stories, episodes to tell u guys about, so here i attached a few pics..enjoy!! =D

before & after - taman kanak-kanak agama

activities at the skoool~

childrens health promotion

waa! waa! sob...
i miss Sukahurip, i miss the fresh air, i miss the smell of chickens in d mornin, i miss the kids there, i miss how they welcomed us wit open arms & i truly do miss fooooood ther, especially 'ayam goreng' near Ciamis! huhu..

so, till i update again......saYonaRa!

p/s: too many pics..for more pics, plizz refer to my facebook~ =D