April 29, 2009


i need a new handphone..my n73 seems to be losing it these days..huhu..i think there's a new virus on my phone, but dunno how to get rid of it..y la? y la? y??? haha..

neways, im thinking of gettin a new phone..its between an i-phone, blackberry bold and htc touch HD..

  • an iphone - ive been a long time admirer.
  • blackberry bold - is said to b a lil bit better than iphone
  • htc touch HD - newly recommended by a friend.

urm, erm, aaa, dunno la..what to get eyh? so many choices, so little money..haha..there's too many reviews on the net n all contradicts with each other..i need reviews from actual users of the phone..hehe..so, anyone with any views or recommendations of these 3 phones or any other phones, pliz do so..tq!! =D

April 26, 2009

aNd I saY, hEy Hey heY Hey~!!

wowwie! a flash from the past..huhu..
i cant remember much bout my early 90's, but i do remember this being one of the first few english songs i liked..
i used to go to school, very early in the mornin, n to hear this song playing on the radio, it made my day!

i didnt memorize the lyrics much, all i knew was this:
And I say, hey hey hey hey, I said hey, what's going on?"

neway, me n my friend nik syafiq tried to find this song for ages! n finally found it, i wanna share it, n show jez how this song brought the "grOoVineSs" into my life!

me likey like it! haha..enjoy!

April 22, 2009

mY DeBut

well, this is my debut i guess..i dont know why i started this blog..dont even know what to write, show, share or whatever in this blog..neway, bare with me ok? im only like a baby, taking my first steps into the unknown, like a little child learning the alphabet, like a.....erm,urm,aaaaaa?? you know what i mean.. hehe =D i'll update my blog, as soon as i know what to share with the world..hahaha..

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