October 18, 2011

My comeback?

Haha..its been ages since i last wrote sumthing..i was too caught up with work..neway, i think i want to write sumthing bout my trip to europe early this year..but dunno where to start..had a wonderful time in europe..i wish to go there again someday..i want to bring my parents with me..huhu..anyway, next article "my european tour"

October 30, 2010

rotten apple

"rotten apple"

rotten apple? i do not know yet what this has to do with the story im about to write, but i'll let you know when it does.

Chapter 1
The Beginning

Once, there was a wicked witch. A nasty old witch i must say. She ruled the kingdom of Karul Pathe Ba Isle for thousands of years. She would behead any that dares to cross her. No one would defy the wicked witch. Until now.....

North to the kingdom of Karul Pathe Ba Isle, sperated by the Great Walls of Obay, lies before a magnificent city of Ged Dung Deh. The city, ruled by the people, lived in harmony for many years. In the Zouk or market place you could see, carpenters, carving beautiful art works, blacksmiths, producing weapons with precision that could not be matched by any other, and to top it all of, food makers or Reyes de Alimentos as they would like to be known, make delicacies that could satisfy your taste buds for a life time. These were some of the traits that the Witch envied as she could only see in awe. Awe indeed, she has other plans instead, a plan to annex Ged Dung Deh into her empire and enslave the people living there.....

Eventhough Ged Dung Deh was ruled by the people, there was a special group of wise men, and women that keeps the city intact. They were called the Guardians of Op Den. They can see the future, they can see the past, and they can certainly see through your eyes. The Guardian of the First Order was Endein, a kind-hearted, down to earth sorceress. She had a prophecy of a man, carrying a birthmark, killing the Witch and ending her reign of tyranny. But this foretold prophecy was missing one key component, a face.....

Far from the bustling city of Ged Dung Deh, on a remote village at the end of The Great Walls of Obay, lies Tub Agus. A population of just over 200 citizens, of mostly farmers and blacksmiths, makes Tub Agus an easy target of bandits from the east. Zur, the son of farmers Jazm and Rohn, is a hardworking boy, but always his curiosity lands him in trouble. One day, on an eve of a silent autumn night, the village was attacked. Zur and his family managed to escape. But the damage was done. The village was left in agonizing proportion. Crops, had been stamped on by horses, live stocks had been killed, and the foods for the coming winter had been stolen. As they try to salvage what they could, Zur stumbled upon a secret passage beneath the food warehouse and curiously, without a hint of a doubt, cautiously ventured into. Abu Haj, a good but clumsy friend of Zur's since their childhood years, was always the one who looks out for him. When he saw Zur entering the passage, he grabbed a lamp and came running after. As he entered the passage, he stumbled upon a wooden debris. He fell and took out Zur altogether.....

They came tumbling down and stumbled upon an old chamber. It was a dusty old chamber but they could see something shining at the end of it. As they appproach it, it became obvious that it was a sword. Zur, hesitantly pulled out the sword out of its compartment and there and then he saw an ancient writing on it, "
la espada de la vida. este es tu destino.". As both could not understand the language, they decided to seek help. One after another, no one in the village could translate it. Jazm, felt it was better for his son to venture off in search of the meaning as he knew because of his sons' curious nature, he we not let go of it. Abu Haj insisted of going with him. Together, they set off on a journey into the unknown. Little did Zur know, that this, for that moment in time was the start of his legacy, his prophecy, his destiny.....

and the legend begins.....

October 29, 2010

you! you! you! and you! ya, you!

tik tok, tik tok..time flies by, but im still stuck in this hell hole..

a friend of mine once told me that one way to release stress is to write..write? *sigh*

im a shitty writer..i do not know how to express my feelings, not only in writing, but in any other ways possible..

this is how i usually start a blog..

i write, "i .....(backspace), i think.....(backspace), good afternoon readers.....(click (x) to close firefox).....(click "shutdown").....

pathetic ain't it? ya, i know..you don't have to agree to that though.. =P

so, how should i really start an entry? should i start with a simple "hello, hye, or what's up!"? or should i start with a "BanG!!"? like, yo! yO! Yo! dudes, dUdeTes! what'S up with The WorLd yo?" (a bit over the top, i might say)..huhu..i guess, keep it simple? =D

then? was that the hard part? for me, hell yeah!..haha..now, the things i wanna write..philosophies! fantasies! experiences! ideas! and all other *Bits & Pieces* i've been dying to share with the world! (sounds like much, but believe me, over over over exaggerated!)..


the only problem is, these so called philosophies, fantasies, expriences, ideas, and bits & pieces, vanishes, once i touch these so called keyboard! so, what do i do? i post shitty, irrelevant, boring, *Bits & Pieces*..how do bloggers manage to keep their ideas fresh and immune to the power of the keyboard? (ZaPp ZaPP~~)..The Keyboard: Tomb of the Keyboard Emperor..A's and Z's: Revenge of Keyboard Galore..Lord of The Keyboard: Return of the Kingboard..(guess what movies i've been watching lately) hehe..

(is this a hint? wait? can it? yup! mama, ayah, new laptop please! *wink* *wink* hahahahahahaha *devilish laugh*)

ok..the "closing speech"..Your honour, i have in my opinion...bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..booooring~..so, how do u guys do it? a simple ending to match a simple opening? or the opposite? well, IMO, it doesn't matter how u close, or how u open, how u express your feelings, ideas, bits & pieces, at the end, what appeals most, keeps your readers happy, understands current agendas, even the most irrelevant entry, stands out..

but i do hope, readers, and self confessed full time bloggers, or even anybody might give me tips on how to write a good blog..hehe..thank you in advance..ThAnKS!

p/s: i think i need a catch phrase..should i? haha..u tell me..

October 26, 2010

Gone Too Soon

tonight when i looked up to the skies,
i saw no stars,
i knew straight away, that,
even the brightest and most beautiful stars mourn for you.

maybe tomorrow when i look up again,
it'll be filled with stars shining,
and maybe, just maybe,
yours will be up there, smiling.

i knew a cancer patient, she fought bravely until the end....
this is a way of remembering her...

Amirah A. (4.5.1985 - 26.10.10), you will always be remembered...

September 23, 2010

Just The Way You Are

by Bruno Mars

When I see your face,
There's not a thing that I would change,
Cause you're amazing,
Just the way you are...

Wise Man's Corner

if somebody points out your mistake,
be happy...!
at least,
someone is interested in what you have done,
and bothers to correct it...!

from TheLoveStories

September 03, 2010

High Dynamic Range (HDR) attempts

First HDR attempt, originally uploaded by iudzuri.

Second HDR attempt, originally uploaded by iudzuri.

well, this is one of the techniques of editing a photo, and turning it into a more dynamic colored photo, hence the name. anyway, this is my first few attempts..haha..so, its still amateurish..if you wanna know more about HDR, click HDR..hope it will help..if u like, comment on it, if u dont like it, comment also..hehe..thank u!