October 29, 2010

you! you! you! and you! ya, you!

tik tok, tik tok..time flies by, but im still stuck in this hell hole..

a friend of mine once told me that one way to release stress is to write..write? *sigh*

im a shitty writer..i do not know how to express my feelings, not only in writing, but in any other ways possible..

this is how i usually start a blog..

i write, "i .....(backspace), i think.....(backspace), good afternoon readers.....(click (x) to close firefox).....(click "shutdown").....

pathetic ain't it? ya, i know..you don't have to agree to that though.. =P

so, how should i really start an entry? should i start with a simple "hello, hye, or what's up!"? or should i start with a "BanG!!"? like, yo! yO! Yo! dudes, dUdeTes! what'S up with The WorLd yo?" (a bit over the top, i might say)..huhu..i guess, keep it simple? =D

then? was that the hard part? for me, hell yeah!..haha..now, the things i wanna write..philosophies! fantasies! experiences! ideas! and all other *Bits & Pieces* i've been dying to share with the world! (sounds like much, but believe me, over over over exaggerated!)..


the only problem is, these so called philosophies, fantasies, expriences, ideas, and bits & pieces, vanishes, once i touch these so called keyboard! so, what do i do? i post shitty, irrelevant, boring, *Bits & Pieces*..how do bloggers manage to keep their ideas fresh and immune to the power of the keyboard? (ZaPp ZaPP~~)..The Keyboard: Tomb of the Keyboard Emperor..A's and Z's: Revenge of Keyboard Galore..Lord of The Keyboard: Return of the Kingboard..(guess what movies i've been watching lately) hehe..

(is this a hint? wait? can it? yup! mama, ayah, new laptop please! *wink* *wink* hahahahahahaha *devilish laugh*)

ok..the "closing speech"..Your honour, i have in my opinion...bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..booooring~..so, how do u guys do it? a simple ending to match a simple opening? or the opposite? well, IMO, it doesn't matter how u close, or how u open, how u express your feelings, ideas, bits & pieces, at the end, what appeals most, keeps your readers happy, understands current agendas, even the most irrelevant entry, stands out..

but i do hope, readers, and self confessed full time bloggers, or even anybody might give me tips on how to write a good blog..hehe..thank you in advance..ThAnKS!

p/s: i think i need a catch phrase..should i? haha..u tell me..


Asielah said...

i guess being stuck in this hell hole has driven u to the existence of this post, huh? hahaha... i oso dono how bloggers do it. i post crappy things too sometimes. how do u keep ppl coming and wanting more from u? maybe im not interesting enuf la. hehe :p

iudzuri said...

haha..yes! it has basically driven me to a point where it is ok to have a 3 way conversation involving only me, myself and i..hehe..

how do u keep ppl coming and wanting more from u? i cannot answer that..let me ask my other 2/3..haha..(crazy mode)

i just got an idea of a new post, actually a friend gave it.."rotten apple"..huahuahua..wait for it ya..i'll let the readers guess who'll be the main character..