October 26, 2010

Gone Too Soon

tonight when i looked up to the skies,
i saw no stars,
i knew straight away, that,
even the brightest and most beautiful stars mourn for you.

maybe tomorrow when i look up again,
it'll be filled with stars shining,
and maybe, just maybe,
yours will be up there, smiling.

i knew a cancer patient, she fought bravely until the end....
this is a way of remembering her...

Amirah A. (4.5.1985 - 26.10.10), you will always be remembered...


azda munira said...


aku ada dengar jugak pasal dia zuri. she's one strong person yg fight through all her pain kan? sangat tabah.

semoga dia ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yang beriman. amin.

Y A Z I R A said...

sape amirah nie?

iudzuri said...

azda: how did you hear about her? yup, hope for the best..but im sure she's in a better place right now..

yazira: she was a dear friend..we were very close..but we grew apart..nvr got to say sorry..and not even a goodbye..she died a few days back..sarcoma..

azda munira said...

heard from one of mrsm's fren waktu lower form. they were in the same class waktu kat uitm. and i read one of her auntie's blog jugak. tak tahu yang dia kawan kau. terbaca blog kau, baru tahu.

yup, Allah knows what's the best for her. kita doakan kesejahteraan dia di sana.

iudzuri said...

ouh..auntie die ade blog? got the link? =)

azda munira said...

aah. here: http://kamabakar.blogspot.com/2010/10/kembali-kepangkuan-ilahi.html