June 27, 2010

To Jakarta and Back

Train Station 2, originally uploaded by iudzuri.

well, the title said it all..haha..not quite actually..it was part of it atleast..hehe

Train Trip

anyway, me and my 2 friends went for a so called "day trip" to Jakarta Fair in Jakarta, by train..fyi, a first for me..nearly 5 years in Bandung, i never set foot in a train station before..haha..truthfully, it was quite a delightful journey..the seats were surprisingly comfortable and spacious..but the most surprising, was it left ON TIME! (salute!)..

there was a family of five sitting in front of me..the kids was somewhat 'active' from the moment we came onboard..along the way, there was many beautiful views, but i couldn't portrait any because someone was sitting next to me by the window..actually he wasn't only sitting, he was basically 'hogging' the window side..hehe..after an hour journey, he slept off, i managed to take a few picts..i, myself slept off after a few shots..haha..


when i woke up, the kids in front of me was still playing! and now they were actually on 'overdrive!'..haha..i think their parents managed to overdose the kids with glucose! or caffeine! hehe..upon reaching Jakarta, left and right, i could only see concrete jungles..no more greenery..when the door opened, a sudden breeze of hot air can be felt..Jakarta was hot and humid! very different to Bandungs' cool and breezy weather..hehe..

Jakarta Fair

on arrival, all i could think of was "where was the ATM? need money!" hehe.."kecing $$$!!, kecing $$$!!"..money checked! now off to shop for some stuffs..i already had some things to buy in mind (futsal shoes, football boots, and jerseys and maybe some other sports stuffs)..i went straight to the sporting goods department..i was utterly disappointed with what was on offer..3 kinds of jerseys, few football boots, NO futsal shoes, and loads of "LEAGUE" rubbish..by the way "LEAGUE" is a brand..hehe..we went to find for other sporting outlets, and it was the same, filled with "LEAGUE" rubbish..haha..i tried on a few boots, and i managed to find one that i liked..it was a Nike Air Legend II FG, and it was on discount..original price (Rp1.5 juta = rm600) - 80% discount = rp300k! (rm120)..cheap!! huhu..it was the highlight of the my trip.........until.........tadaa! i met RONALDINHO! haha..at first i thought so, but it turned out to be his long lost brother from Indonesia, RONALDIKIN! hehe..

Trip Back to Bandung

after a long day at Jakarta Fair, a day filled with first's, laughter, disappointments, and "capek-ness" (tiredness), we went back by train to Bandung..the journey back was totally the opposite from the journey to Jakarta..it was dark outside, no kids playing, and we were all too tired to worry about our surroundings that we dozed off as soon as the train started to move..

toot, tooot, toooooot~ (the horns for the train)

we arrived in Bandung around 12 at night, took a cab (very very nice seasoned taxi driver, may God bless him) reached home, bathe, tried to watch the World Cup match between Ghana and the US, but i was in dreamland, halfway through the game..hehe..

all in all, i had one of the best 'day trip' as long as i could remember, despite the ups and downs..special thanks to my 2 friends..thanx guys!


June 17, 2010

The New Arsenal Away Kit

well, this is the new arsenal fc 2010/2011 season away kit..

first impression:
  • wow! nice poster! hehe
second impression:
  • i like the yellow and maroon combination..easy on the eyes..
  • but it reminds me of a certain Liverpool away kit few seasons back..
  • nevermind that, what concerns me is whether this new poster with fabregas in it, is a good sign of him staying or what not..hopefully he stays!!
  • thinking of ordering the new away kit, but waiting for the home kit to be revealed..
neway,dats bout it..i like the new away kit, n hope the home kit will be more stunning..

i'll give it an 8/10 for now..rating may increase/decrease, depends on the new home kit~ huhu..

go arsenal! hehe..

June 15, 2010

Back Alley

Back Alley, originally uploaded by iudzuri.

well, this is the first of many..i am currently learning the art of photography..as i am new to this, i am open to any opinions or suggestions..i dont quite know what to look for in a photo, how to differentiate between an 'artistic, marvelous, amazing, extraordinary' photo to a 'non-artistic, plain, non-interesting, dull' photo.. =D as i said before, i am open and eager to learn more about the WORLD of PHOTOGRAPHY..help is very much appreciated..thank you in advance..

do visit my flickr page..just click the picture above.. =D